Bell Tea – "Rolling Sleeves" |

Agency: Whybin\TBWA

Director: Jonny Kofoed & Damon Duncan, 3D: Damon Duncan, Rhys Dippie. Stop Motion, compositing and Special effects: Jonny Kofoed

Regina – "Plasma" |

Agency: Rorhbell Ayers Whitten

Contributers: Rhys Dippie

Regina – "Dunes" |

Agency: Rorhbell Ayers Whitten

Contributers: Scotty WIlson

Regina – "Marshmallow" |

Agency: Rorhbell Ayers Whitten

Contributers: Craig Speakman

Tip Top – "75 Years" |

Agency: Colenso BBDO

Lead Animator: Sean Dekkers, 3D: Gary Sullivan, Animation: Kendra Ryan, Scotty Wilson

All Blacks – "Black - Doco title sequence" |

Production Co. Augusto

Mr Hayday – "Acker" |

Production Co. Assembly

DOP: Duncan Cole

The New Zealand Herald – "150 Years" |

Agency: DraftFCB, Production Co. Assembly

This project involved us printing thousands of frames of animation onto a half tonne roll of newsprint, then filming it playing back like a gigantic flip book. As far as we know this was a world first - we created some proprietary light-sensitive hardware to control the camera. A technical 'behind the scenes' is below.

The New Zealand Herald - "Behind the scenes" – "150 Years" |

Agency: DraftFCB, Production Co. Assembly

Here's a short 'behind the scenes' doco made by Draft FCB explaining the technical process.

V – "The Motion Project" |

Agency: Colenso, Production Co. Assembly

The V Motion project was an amazing collaboration between many people. Here's an indepth behind the scenes showing how it was technically made. My role on this project was designing and animating the interface and creating the 'visual instruments' for the live performance. I also co directed the music video shoot on the night with Matt Von Trott.

BNZ – "Total Money" |

Agency: Colenso BBDO

My role on this project was creating the 'look and feel' and designing the landscapes and environments.

Women's Refuge – "Donate your words" |

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi AK

Freeview – "Free TV Forever 4" |

Agency: Shine

This is one in a series of five commercials I directed and designed for Freeview.

Freeview – "Free TV Forever 3" |

Agency: Shine

Kapiti – "Caramel & Almond" |

Agency: Shine

We created most of the elements for this commercial in CG.

Pams – "Winter" |

Agency: Barnes Catmur & Friends

Hallensteins – "Tees" |

Agency: Shine

Co directed with Sam Peacocke. This was a one model, one day shoot on greenscreen with a full CG environment finish. After I came up with the look it was reappropriated for instore, print and online.

VW – "Tiguan" |

Agency: DDB AK

For this commercial we created some custom tools in 3DS Max that meant we could 'draw' a spline in 3D space that became VW tire tracks.

Lexus – "Two Souls" |

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney

I directed and animated this peice. One day shoot of the animals at Franklin Zoo and a one day studio shoot of the car.

Pams – "For the Love of Food" |

Agency: Barnes Catmur and Friends

This commercial was the begining of some wider rethinking of the PAMS brand. The goal was to take the perception of PAMS from that of a 'budget consumer goods' to a more premium one, but not at the expense of warmth and humour.

Mercedes – "Others Follow" |

Agency: Shift

Quick turn around ipad spot for Mercedes all created using stills.

Macs Beer – "Common Sense" |

Agency: Shine

Lexus – "IF IS250" |

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney

NFD – "Lip Reading" |

Agency: DDB

Auckland City Gallery – "British Art in the Sixties" |

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Auckland

Singapore Airlines – "First Class" |


Healtheries – "Boost" |

Agency: Shine

TVNZ – "Choose One" |

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Wgtn

L&P – ""Stubbies" and "Bombs"" |

Agency: Meares Taine

Gregs – "Rules" |

Agency: Draft FCB

Gregs – "Macgyver" |

Agency: Draft FCB