KIA - Times Square New Years Eve

Every year, over 1 billion people tune into ONE Times Square to watch the “Ball Drop” and celebrate New Year’s Eve. With a screen over 60 metres high and situated right at the centre of Times Square, it's one of the most sought-after pieces of advertising real estate.

We were tasked with a full-screen takeover that lasted several weeks. One stunt involved blacking the entire building out, right before the New Year's clock ticked over to 2024. With only moments to spare, a KIA EV9—capable of providing power from its charge port—arrived to save the day.

We created over 20 films that played leading up to and preceding the New Year celebrations. One involved two window washers descending to spray the mud off the building surface revealing a temporarily covered EV9. This was achieved through filming stunt performers suspended by two cranes on greenscreen, then compositing them onto the 60-meter-high building.



David & Goliath
3D Animators.
  • Matt Wilson.
  • Gary Sullivan.
Motion Design.
  • William Bardebes.
3D Animators.
  • Elliot Stronge.
  • Luke Xavier Bell-Booth.
  • Mark Trethewey.
Executive Producers.
  • Jane Oak.
  • Pierre Wendling.
  • Kate Moses.