Voice of Racism

We were approached by Clemenger BBDO and the Human Rights Commission to help create a website to help expose the everyday racism that exists in NZ. Using the cumulative effect that consistent and inherent racism can have on recipients, this interactive website aims to allow users to experience that burden for themselves.

Drawing from a pool of personal experiences shared by real people and voiced by Taika Waititi, we created a live reactive experience where the voice could be formed and expressed using sound waves. The waves respond in real-time to the audio and voice using WebGL in the browser - then, by randomly drawing from the hundreds of collected spoken micro-aggressions - we ensured every user's audio/visual experience is unique.


Reactive Soundwaves


Clemenger BBDO
Human Rights Commission
Lead Developer.
  • Matt Wilson.
  • Elliot Stronge.
3D Artists.
  • Josh Fourt-Wells.
  • Geoff Kirk-Smith.
Digital & Content Producer.
  • Clare Bone.